Graphics Tearing

I am working on a platformer game. I have noticed that the lines between the platform tiles look like they are tearing or something, they are all squiggly. Has anyone else had this issue or found a solution to this? I was wanting to make this an endless runner style game. I think that may be why the graphics are doing that.

it’s due to image smothing, disable smoothing on each files you use in tiles/sprite directly in the images bank

Unfortunately I still have that issue after trying that. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Humm, hat kind of objects are you using ??

And which platform (native, web)?

I have a platform object and a platformer object. The project is a web project.

We mean visual objects, not his “behaviour” : what is your tearing graphics objets ? a mosaic ? a sprite ?

I have a sprite and a tiled sprite for the platform consisting of blocks. The graphics that are tearing are the tile blocks for the platform. Even when they are not visibly tearing you can see some vibration between the platform blocks.

It’s the smoothing, i’m 99% sure about it. Select one by one every “tearing” images in the images banks,then put “No” in the smoothing parameter