Gravity scale does not flip when the phone flips


So I have a setup where the my Sprite is using the Physics Engine 2 and in the course of the game the gravity scale changes with certain conditions. The game is on landscape mode on the mobile phone. When I rotate the phone bu 180 degrees, the Game orientation changes as described here :[Fixed] When the phone is rotated, the game should also rotate on the other landscape side

However, the gravity scale does not rotate. Would you know if there’s a way to get around it? Ideally, shouldn’t the whole setup including the gravity scale rotate?

Thanks for the help in advance

Indeed, it should flip too, if the whole game is flipped.
@arthuro555 can you look into it? :slight_smile:

As far as workaround goes, have you tried to invert gravity yourself?
There’s a world gravity action, and you would need to use sensor as condition, I suppose.