Greek Letters not displaying

For my game BigTwo I want to install a Greek language pack. I am using the nakula.ttf font and when I change the text to Chinese it displays correctly. Unfortunately not so for Greek. When I remove the font from a Text object the Greek letters do show correctly. In that case all the other language will be shown in the default GDevelop font which aesthetically I find not pleasing. I cannot find an action that can change the font of a text object. Does anybody know if I can add the font to the nakula.ttf in an easy way? Or maybe some other work around? It is possible to change the font of the input text in the action but not for normal text?

The Message and email input are without font definiton and display the text correctly. But the text on the bottom has the nakula.ttf

This is the json that has the translation table and display the greek correctly

I use Glyphr to easily modify fonts