Greetings from W&A Interactive

Hello everyone, its a pleasure to have discovered this new engine and the community. We are a small team that have a passion for video games and recently begun work on our first game.
We are very excited in becoming active members of the community and the gaming industry as a whole. To get the ball rolling we would like to share with you folks our very first concept title art for our upcoming game.

PS We are loving Gdevelop.


welcome too the community!

make sure if you have any questions too check in with #help-for-games-creation

if not me someone will be there too answer any questions you have.

i look forward too seeing your completed game!

till next time, spacesquidy

Thank you we appreciate it! We have been exploring various parts of the forum with particular interest in the #help-for-games-creation board in order to understand the mechanics, logic and limitations in this engine. Once again, thank you for welcoming us!

Till next time, W&A Interactive.