Grid isometric Movement (Please HELP, i am stuck) :(

Hello guys/girls.
So i have a problem. I want to create an isometric grid (i copied 420 of object on their position like a monkey = but its working) And now = i want my character to be able to move only on the grid and only with MOUSE click. Not arrows and stuff. And its working too, kinda. But i have no clue how to allow him to travel just around him cell by cell (now i did it with the player distance to grid(cell) but is not perfect, because topdown i can travel to 3 cells and rightleft only two, so its not perfect.
So my question is can i allow him to travel just like 3 cells away and then stop => next player => me again with only 3 cells moving? And idealy if i move 1 cell, the game remembers it and lets me travel max 2 cells in my turn etc (now its kinda working too with global valuable, but not perfect too i think)
AND = how can i make the character to change animations towards the angle? My way is not working, and i have tried many tutorials here in forums, but none of them is working for me.

I know its little bit long problem. But i would love to create this somehow and i am stuck on it for like 40 hours :frowning: Thanks friends for trying! Have a nice day!

I will upload the images to the comments. Thanks

My images:

For movement limit, can’t you use a variable to count how many cells were crossed?
Maybe your problem is because the origin point of the objects are not in the center?
For animations, this should help:

Graphics looking great, good job :slight_smile:

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Thanks bro. I will try to use your solution. I am newbie. And non-programmer. The graphic are just free assets. But i am doing my own. Bcs i am a graphic designer. I will put some of them online and free maybe :slight_smile: I will let you know if it worked. Thanks bro

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Well i didnt even figure out how to type it. Do i need to install some plugin? Or is it some kind of function? I mean the condition on left side. Thanks bro


Thanks MrMen. I will try that out <3