i’m new to the GDevelop community and I am currently testing the event editor.

At the moment i try to create a grid-movement for a sprite-object. I didn’t find an example for that so here is my question. To achieve this kind of movement there are two methods i think:

1.) Orientate on the grid-size in the editor (let’s say 32px grid). Let the sprite-object move +/-32px every time after pressing a specific key.

2.) Move to an invisible object which changes its position every time pressing a specific key.

In Gdevelop i found only:
“move to specific position on the screen” and there is no “move to” i think.

Maybe i’m not familar enough with Gdevelop and I miss something.


There is no “Move to”, there is an action “Apply force to move to a position” but just to approximate to the position.
Here is an example doing it manually: [url]Move a fixed distance]

Thank you for the example. :slight_smile: