Ground slippery

How do I make the ground slippery?

You’ll need to explain in more detail what you are doing and what you’d like to achieve - we’re not psychic.

Are you using a platformer, physics, top down movement behaviour, or something else? What do you mean by slippery - slows down gradually, doesn’t stop sliding? Is it a flat surface or a sloping one?

It’s a 2D fighter with platformer physics. I want the ground to be slippery so it’s hard to stop moving completely

I think decreasing the Deceleration value in the object’s platform-character behaviour setting should do it.

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I’d want it in one level tho. Maybe I could just make a duplicate character

Set it at the start of the scene via an event action.

Or do you mean one platform level in the scene?

I mean the scene itself. Thanks!