Group-It source project released

I’m releasing the Group-It ([url]Group-it - a small board game]) source project for petition.

Some things to take in account when take a look at my project are:

  • I think I had do my best sweeping out all unnecesary algorithms and useless variables off the project (remanents of old versions of the game) so it can look cleaner as possible.

  • I always work in english because it’s a more practical (yet less elegant in my opinion) language, so the name of the variables are in english; anyways it’s not my native language so there’s the possibility of some variables names sounds silly, even in that case I trust the names are enough descriptive to avoid confusion.

  • The font and some graphics were changed for this version.

  • Apart of the mentioned changes, I’m releasing the source project as it is and I’m not entering in algorithm and implementation details. The project is not commented. If there is interest I can go further with a tutorial to explain why and how a specific algorithm works.

  • This game was made as part of an “optimization project” for the algorithms comomnly used in 3-match style games (example: bejeweled), although the game mechanic and goal is different, the algorithms contained in the project can be easily adapted to use with other grid-based games.

  • The game shows some lag when it runs from GD, once compiled to a native platform it will run faster.

  • As you will notice when you see the project, I use the comparison of expressions condition to evaluate the values ​​of all variables and other properties of the objects, rather than the built-in evaluation conditions for each variable or parameter type. That’s because I find this condition more versatile and flexible in working terms when it comes to migrate variables due to project changes.


I use this: ,
instead of this: .

Here’s the project: open (18 KB)

Hope it will be useful.

Got it! :smiley: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cool. I want to hear your opinion!

Nice job!

Thanks! But now I realize the variabe structure based solution (for variable arrays) propossed by @victor and @4ian in the other thread ([url]Array Creation]) it’s cleaner than the iteration based solution of mine (although it perfectly works).

So, I’m migrating all the variables now and I’ll release a new version of the project soon.

I like puzzles and I like to learn how to make games - so your project is a perfect combination of both. :slight_smile:
Recently learned NewLine() command from it. :wink:

Cool! Currently I’m making a ittle changes and fixing a minor bug, so I’ll
update the project soon.

Me too! haha :smiley:

erdo: I checked it out and really like it. There’s a lot in the code that I don’t understand, but I hope to learn from it. Thanks for posting this.