Group Objects Positioning

Hello everyone,

My little query is that i have a group with objects like cloud, plants, sun etc…(a lot of them)
i want this group to change positions according to my ratio i have set.
but when i do…it sets perfectly the position of the first object in the group…and the rest of it just gets mixed here and there.

Is there a way to change the position of all the objects in my group to their nee position?

For example: if i want all objects to shift 20px to the left in X axis and 50px down in Y axis from their current positions.

Kindly help.

try with the “for each object” event. I think that should work.

where can i find “for each object”?

this is an event… so… between events. if you a newcomer, feel free to use the Wiki if you arent know something. and if you are a beginner, I advise to learn the basics, watch or read tutorials, look example files ect…

Can i find “for each object” in wiki under events?

I hope. our Wiki isn’t the best, It has shortcomings. but i think this will be there somewhere.

And if you where exactly it is in gdevelop…it would be a great help.

Click on the plus button in the top right hand corner in the events sheet. You will find it there. :blush:

Version: Beta 92 or later

Hi Rachit,
i just did…but it just doesnt stop.

All i want is to change scale and position of all the objects i have in my group. so they can settle down individually to their own scale and position factor.

For example…i want to move all my object to +2 on X axis and +5 on Y axis, from wherever they are currently in the scene to the new modified position.

Can anybody help me?

What do you actually mean?
I mean, what kind of position shift do you observe with the rest of the objects

It would be better If you post a Before and After Screenshot

so this is a sample i was trying my hands on…
I am resizing my resolution according to the android device it will get installed in.

so for different resolution…the aspect ratio should change/align the size and position of the objects. right?
And i have been successful in this by testing it for one object.
Now i want to put all my objects of the scene into that group…so that my code can do the same of all objects.
I hope you are understanding finally to what i am trying to achieve here.

Kindly guide me.

We can’t help you if you don’t show a screenshot of the related events/settings. Sometimes, it’s just a missing letter :slight_smile:

Without seeing the events i think you need to add a foreach to get all objects in the group then inside the foreach do the position X/Y for every Object.

Hi, I had the similar problem (wanted to move my group of buttons) and thanks to the suggestions in this post I found the solution.

For anyone who finds this post in the future (absolute beginner like me), hope this is useful.

Your group CAN’T be global group, just “normal” group then you add “for each object”, make sure you select which group this needs to work for and then set your condition / action e.g.