Groups and objects not working in different stages/scenes

Hi guys !

I’m really struggling with connecting objects to different scenes/stages . I’ve created a group called FruitsObjects in the first scene and set it as a global group…but still it doesn’t wanna work when stage two is active. Meaning the objects that is fruits (Apples & Pears) that I created in scene 1/ stage 1 doesn’t wanna work in stage two. I’m just starting off in creating games so please be patient with me. I’m attaching some screenshots . Do I need to link some events or objects to get them to work on different scenes/stages ? :confused: :cry: :confused:

Are the objects set as global objects?

Also, if you’re using code to generate them… Is the code placed in an external event and linked in both scenes?

Sorry to answer instead of author : i’ve never been able to use global objects (and global groups) since it exists through different scene ! And i laos never succeded to find any documentation…

Note that global objects/groups have nothing to do with instances through scenes, but you can create instances from this objects from any scene.
If you create a global object Player, and create an instance from it in a scene, this instance will be destroyed when the scene is destroyed, but you can create a new instance in another stage from this global object (of course with the default data).
Global objects are useful to keep the object info in one place, so you don’t need to copy/paste the object in every scene that uses it everytime you make a change on the object.

To save an instance through scenes, you should save the appropriate info in global variables (as the case: animation, position, color, instance variables itself), then create a new instance in the next scene and “paste” the info over it :wink:

Thanks Lizard-13

I really appreciate all the help from the people in this forum. Sometimes people can be very rude when asking questions like this, but I must say I’m very impressed with all the responses I got from this forum. Thanks again for the help.