Gun power up behavior problem

I’m making a gun that does a power ups by leveling,
The power ups are are

(FIRE RATE): has fire cool down behavior
(POWER) adds 1 Power
(ACCURACY) changes de angle of variance

but I have a little problem,
I do not know how to save the gun behavior to another scene,
The TEXT and POWER is working every time I level up,

Only FIRE RATE and ACCURACY IM HAVING PROBLEMS WITH, on the first level it works but on the second it maintains the TEXT VALUES, but resets the ACCURACY AND FIRE RATE VALUES

Anybody did anything like that before, can you give me some advise please what an I do :pray:

It’s a bit hard to see what you are doing, but my approach would be to hard code all the settings of the gun into the gun (fire rate, power, etc.), and then every frame, set the firerate to that times a multiplier for power ups. Hope this helps :grin: