Handle dialogues without yarn

Hello. I tried to use the Dialogue Tree extension, but I encountered several problems that I can’t solve, for example:

  • I cannot use the global or scene variables within the extension;
  • new lines are only interpreted as logical pauses between two text line types;
  • I’d like that the options to appear as soon as the previous dialogue ends.

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a similar dialogue system, however linked to an external text file, using events.

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Here some tutorial GDevelop 5 - Tutorial Yarn Dialogue in GDevelop 5 - YouTube
There is a lot of Yarn tutorials in Youtube try The Gem tutorials.
Hope this helps.

Sorry, if I didn’t make myself clear, I meant to create another dialogue system with the events and the filesystem, but it seems that I’m already solving the problem. Thanks anyway for your kind answer!

I wouldn’t recommend it if your dialogue is very long but what you can do is this

As for options i don’t know
Hope this helped

I like had similar problems and I found this one helpful. Thanks!
{Although wouldn’t a number variable work the same in place of red?(Sorry if I didn’t understand it correctly) I still used this method though.}

Using a number variable would be even better, i did this before i understood how variables work, but I’m glad it helped you.