Handling weapon collisions separately to body collisions

So I’ve rigged up most of what I need for the character. The only thing I’ve not done is sort out how weapon collisions work.
In order of preference, these are the solutions I’d like to use:

  1. Put a separate hitbox over the same animation, and check it differently (i.e. attack animations have two hitboxes, one for my character to take damage on the body, the other for my character to deal damage from the sword)
  2. Implement a copy of the object which I hide on launch, then only draw the weapon hitboxes on for the attack animations, and don’t bother with any other hitboxes to allow the sword to be swung over fences
  3. Use variables stored in the object, and draw the hitboxes on the current object, then use a conditional check to see if the character is attacking on how to deal with any collisions.

They all have problems, and as far as I can see:

1 might not actually be implemented. I tried drawing on a second hitbox and that just pushed my character away from the wall the same as the body hitbox

2 could well tank performance. It’s a 16x16 pixel character (blown up to 64 by 64) and it won’t actually be rendered, so I’m not sure on it. What I’m also concerned about is if somehow not putting hitboxes on for non-attacking animations will make it glitch out like a problem I had switching between animations using custom and default hitbox masks. Only testing will tell, and it’s a lot of work to put in to find out it wouldn’t work. This also means that I may well have to resort to flags to decide when to detect collisions with the second copy

3 is the most annoying to deal with, because it screws up how I deal with boundaries no matter how I slice it, but it may be my only option

If there’s an option I’ve not thought of, or there’s a clear best answer I’m not seeing, please let me know. Any advice is helpful

Something like that? image
You just need to position SwordHitbox properly.

Yes, like that. Which method is this using, 1,2 or 3? Because I’ve tried adding a second collision mask, and there doesn’t look to be a way to select which hitbox you’re detecting the collision with, just the object.

SwordHitbox is an object. It’s invisible and only used to check hit collisions.

cheers, I’ll get on that.