Have point to all objects in type, then discern between characters

Hi! Apologies if this question has been answered somewhere and I couldn’t find the keywords anywhere, I’m new here.

How would I, say, have an event happen on a certain object in a group that could be dynamically changed?

In this game, you have 2 different playable characters you can switch out of. Each has their own health bar, stats, etc.

Now I have this action:

How would I tell the computer in the blank space “Look for all the objects that are characters, then pick based on the value of a variable (in this example 0 and 1 for both characters?)”

I’m really sorry if I’m just not getting something, I’m new to this and I’ve been staring at my screen trying to work this out for a few hours now.

Use this. It will pick all the Player objects with an Id of 0, and set their animation to “SideRun”:

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