Have Variables control movement speed of multiple units

Hey everyone, sorry to be blowing up the forums with new topics but I didn’t find a post that answers this one either.

So I am using that a system called Shadow for my stats. Agility controls their movement speed in this game. I eventually want to be able to outfit each unit with gear that will affect agility and other stats.

They are left to right in order of speed in the pic above with the race starting from just below the middle of the pic.

The only other event that is active that affects movement is the send right button and it just has them simulating moving up. (Yep should have renamed that before posting this.)

So in an effort to continue trouble shooting I copied all the behaviors from one unit onto all others. Just to cover my bases. I thought maybe it could be a difference in physics or something, but this should cover that.

Hiya again. I’m not sure I understand but it seems they’re not going as fast as they should? Maybe the acceleration needs to up too. I don’t do a lot of movement projects so I’m just wondering. Also I wonder if you could change the base behavior speed to 25, then do one action to change the max speed of units add (Object Var Shadow.Agility x 25). Not sure what condition you’d use though, or if you’d need a repeat for each.

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Hey! Thanks for he reply. Sorry for being confusing. Yeah so as their Agility stat increases I was going to let them move faster, but after playing with it, I think I am actually going to use the move by force command so these won’t matter anyways anymore.

What was weird was that the gray cube had an agility of 3 but was blowing passed the guys with 4 and 5. I copied all of their behaviors so all of those settings were the same.

I have done so much work to just not create duplicates of every unit . . . . and I am only using squares right now.

I like the idea of setting it at 25 and then being able to use math, definitely going to adjust to that.


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Yeh I think it was odd how far ahead the 4th one was. The force method might be easier to manipulate. Again I don’t make many movement projects so I’m probably not too helpful. But if you need help finding the laziest way to do something, I’m there.

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Okay I found out what it was, I had not changed the name on the humans Parent Variable.