Having a huge issue (I'm a beginner)

Ok so basically whenever I try creating or spawning in anything whether it be a sprite or a particle or piece of text nothing appears and It is nowhere on my work place and I just cant find it anywhere.

Yes this is probably a beginner mistake but this has made me very confused any help would be appreciated.

Screenshots of you events please…

When you create an object, you also need to create one or multiple instance. To do so, drag the object onto the scene.

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Thank you so much.

I very much appreciate it I cant thank you enough.

Also any idea how I make a GUI as im making a health meter.

For make a GUI, the procedure is the same that arthuro have told you with the only difference that you need to put it on another layer with a different z-order. Basically on top of other layers.

If you want to spawn or create an object you need to set the x y positions.
First create a condition for the event. Then add an event “Create an Object”
In this event you can set the x y positions. If you want to have a random position then in the x y fields type this “random in range” and set the pixel range that you want.