Having an issue with slopes in a 2D platformer

So I’m starting to make a 2D platfomer and I’ve hit a bit of a snag.

When the player character runs up a slope it’s slightly staggered at the beginning of each tile, but when it runs down a slope it’s perfectly smooth.

For reference I’m currently using the default Platformer behaviours for the floors and character.

Could you make a video of what you mean exactly?

Sure, here’s a video of it (make sure to select 1080p60) - YouTube

Imo it is a very slight stagger, barely noticeable. Looks quite realistic in a sense when you go up a steep gradient you will slow down for a moment as you adjust. Not sure what it is exactly but wild guess, it might have something to do with the scene properties gravity?

why don’t you make it one piece?
or maybe if you aren’t assign a hitbox to the slope tiles, but add a hidden obstacle. one simple appropriate size recrangle, rotated to the appropriate angle?

in my opinion it is caused by the hitbox, not the gravity.

hitbox is first thing that crossed my mind too… my characters do behave in odd ways if the hitbox isn’t right

I’m just guessing too.in my project I notice the same thing, but I use slopes as slopes only. so the player can move only down on it. so it’s good for me anyway.

I’ve tried this and it’s mostly fixed the issue. It seems to be a hitbox issue along with the acceleration of the character. I’ll have a play around with things until I get it looking right. Thanks for everybody’s assistance!

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if you figure out something useful, please tell us.