Having trouble with the viewport

I’m not really understanding how to focus the camera on your character. I’ve played around with the sample games and read the tutorial but I guess I’m still not understanding it. I have the camera centered on my character. I’ve also tried manually setting the parameters and nothing lol

can you show your events? So we can see whats wrong with it

I scrapped the code to start over :confused: what should the code look like?

What’s the difference between focusing the camera on the player and centring it on him? Do you mean zooming in?

Hopefully, this helps. The black box that the character is in is the viewport and it’s static. How do I do that? My viewport is being set to whatever the resolution of the game is.

anybody know?

Conditions: No conditions Actions: Center camera on Player (layer:"", camera: 0)
The only thing that could go wrong is if the player is in another layer, check the instance layer in the properties panel :slight_smile: