How would I make a hud for my game that will go move to new scenes

What I currently have

Condtions:                            Actions:
Variable life is >100   |        Do =100 to variable life
Variable life is <0        |        Do =0 to variable life

Not sure how to go about actually making a hud after this their inst many tutorials out their for this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

A simple way is to have a Sprite as the Healthbar, then resize the Healthbar after “restrict” the variable life between 0 and 100:

Condition: No conditions (always) Actions: Do = Variable(life) / 100 to the scale X of Healthbar
The final size (here width) of the bar depends on the initial image size of the Healthbar, it just modifies the scale :wink:

I understand the concept I just don’t know how to put this into Gdevelop

I got the health working with text so it lowers and raises in numbers now I want it to be shown on a bar how would I go about this.

Ok :slight_smile:

Thanks its does what I want it to do now :smiley:
Now to figure out how to keep the health bar in the corner of the screen

If you are talking about that “the bar is moved” while scaling: The sprites are resized around the Origin point, try to move it.
If you want the bar to follow the camera, maybe a layer can help you :wink:

A layer! wonderful that worked straight off thanks again mate :smiley: