Hello, im new here and this is a game im currently working on, please don't laugh at me

Ok, my game is a Top-Down shooter (Hotline Miami style). But i got some errors, my head is hurting about it, i´m making some player mechanics, like walk, punch and look around with the mouse but i need some help, for example, i want to the player grabs any weapon (weapons in the ground like a bat or something else), but when the player grabs the weapon, his animation “PlayerBat” disappear and change the animation to idle instantly, idk what i do now. the assets are source of HM1 original because is my first proyect. But if someone can help me with this spaghetti, I would appreciate it in advance and I will provide you with screenshots, demo videos and what the project and its events are like. you can contact me on discord: zorskelgod

For someone to help you here, can you screenshot the events that deal with picking up a weapon and the events that set the animation to idle. There will be some logical reasons, but without seeing the events we’d be guessing blindly.

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We’re not going to laugh at you. We’re all here to help. My strength isn’t platforms but there are plenty of people who are pros. Posting your events here will get the quickest answers and will help others with similar problems. We all started where you are now.

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oh, ok. There it is

sorry if it’s in spanish, because im spanish and i speak english a little bit but, where the Player is in colision with the weapon “Bat” and there’s a click right, action: changes anim Player to “PlayerBat” and establish the boolean value “JugadorBate” (Player) to true and delete “Bat”

i reply a comment my friend, check it out. Sorry, im spanish

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No need to apologise - there are a lot of different nationalities on this forum, and we all help each other.

To your playerbat issue - if there is only 1 frame for the animation “EricBat”, then the animation is considered as finished. So this event will action and set the animation to “Idle” straight away:

If this is the case then you could add another condition to this event to check that the animation is not “EricBat”.

Ah, thanks but i have another problem, the animation finished is a function for a melee attack (when the player is unarmed, punch, like Hotline Miami) this is the reason. Because when the player is punch, his animation is weird in the last frame, look…

So what can i do for fix this problem, the animation punch finish without grab problem the other animations and events. Because i want to Player grab any weapon (only allow one weapon in his hand because will have a function throw the weapon in the enemy like HM)

Oh, another thing, the Player is grabbing the Bat, but, when i walk with the weapon, is disappear the sprite and changes the animation Walk Unarmed.

Do you have an animation for the player to be idle while holding the bat and another animation for the player walking with the bat?

Yes, i have animation walk with Bat and attack but i don’t import this

another thing, the Player can attack while walking, but the animation attack is interrupts by the animation walk and i want to be in the same time

You could do something along:

where you name the player animations along the lines of “idle”, “walk”, “idle_bat”, “walk_bat” etc