Hello need advice

Hello, I recently starting a new game Project imported all my frames of animation per animation and programed the player I only have four animations currently the idle is over 500 frames the run is like 32 something like that the jump is 39 frames but those work fine but when I play my game and pushed the assigned button for gun fire the shooting animation only shows 1 frame… I used the default fps for animation… why is this? is there a limit to frame number for to use in in gdevelop 5

Could you please show us your events related to shooting bullets animation?

it’s not shooting bullets it’s just the shooting animation but yes give me a second to screenshot it all :slight_smile:

You have no event there to shoot the bullet :thinking:

because I’m planning on making it where when the gun animation plays if the enemy is in range he or she is hit or killed

There are events that conflict with each other. Like while you release the Up key, your character could be moving, not moving or jumping, and when they are doing that, there is an event that changes its animation.

So what’s happening here is, let’s say your character is moving. That’s when you change its animation to “Run”. Now you release the Up key, and as you release it, the animation changes to “Shoot”, but as the event above changes the animation to “Run” again, the “Shoot” animation gets changed.

You need to avoid conflicting events. Try learning about state machines. If I am correct, Not-a-vania example also showcases the same thing (state machine).

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thank you so very much I’ll try this and see what happens :smiley: