Help about question in in games

I was develop educational games based platform games, i wan’t to add question and some multiple choice of answer, so if the player has found a box, there a question appear, and the player should choice a answer, if the answer is correct then go, if false then restart, please help me

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Unfortunately GDevelop does not have any dialog system, it is currently considered to be added, you can vote for it on Trello.
In the meantime, I’m afraid you need to do it the hard way using text objects.

You could have a text object called question and change the text according to what question you want to ask, then I would recommend to have a set of number of possible answers, 2,3,4 maybe each an individual text object, also change their text according what the question is and then you can check which text object (answer) has been clicked or touched…

Regarding how to store questions and answers, you can either have a very long external event to be prepared with all the questions and answers or you could also store each question and answers in a JSON.

Thanks for reply,…
There arabic font can be in gdevelop?
It’s hard to find any tutorial for arabic font. The game I want to create like this with construct 2, But the question and answer is in arabic language… Any idea for that?

I’m not sure about the Arabic font. As long it a TTF font it should display in GD. You can find a custom font template at my page (in my signature), it may also going to be (or already) bundled with GD. Take a look at that, replace the TTF font with an Arabic one and see it for your self. However in case you mean typing right to left I believe it is not supported by GDevelop but I can be wrong. Never tried it myself.

You may also want to ask this question at Discord, it seems more active than this forum.

Anyway, the game you linked is totally possible in GD, if you want to display a question only at the end of each scene it can be done very easily. Just add the text objects to a layer and hide the layer, then if the player has all the keys and opened the door then you can display the layer with the question and answers and go to the next level only if the player clicked the right text object… You can also pick a random question and the answers if that’s what you want.

Good luck.