Help Again! Cant Figure Out What's Wrong in Game Logic

It’s lousy me again, stuck with yet another problem. This time the (select character) condition actions progression logic is giving me the goosebumps. Well, in the first scene of my game the player chooses a character or avatar through this logic:

Then in the game scene this happens:

If another character is chosen things are supposed to:

The problem I face is that when Arjav is chosen as the player, the player “setup” logic works as intended but not the player “Action” part. The action logic still works according to the Myra setup. Should I create separate timers for all players or is there a logical fallacy that I’m missing.

Thanks a lot for the help!

I tried indenting the code to the right as per a similar problem solution, but apparently that doesn’t do the trick in this case!

What part of the action isn’t working?

The action code block, it is defaulting to a particular avatars action code and doesnt execute the other avatar’s action code

Well if indenting it didn’t work what about specifying with the frametimer is greater than 3 and CharG=Myra do this and then the other one is frametimer greater than 3 and CharG=Arjav do that.

I just don’t like the idea of creating separate timers for each char cuz that seems like a lot of work for you. Also if you do that, Myra and Arjav timers will probably both work at the same time then.

That worked, but cant understand what i was doing wrong earlier, knowing that will help me understand the overall logic better! Anyway, it works now!!!

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Your indentations are wrong;

The Action event group (and those events after it) will only get processed if the FrameTimer > 3 seconds. I think Action event group should be under the first event, where you check if CharacterG = “Myra”.

But even then, you’re creating a new FrameGameplayK every game frame (about 60 per second). Is this what you want?

It’s just like MrMen said, the engine just sees frametimer greater than 3 do this, but it doesn’t know it’s only supposed to do that if Myra is present. And if the next block didn’t work, it’s probably because the first event block that fired off made something in it not true. Otherwise it would have just done the Myra block and continued down to Arjav block and did that too, no matter who CharG was.