Help? black screen on upload to website? SOLVED!!!!

I have uploaded games before but this time I am getting a black screen when I open the index page. I choose the ‘minified’ option when I exported it (which fixed it last time this happened a long time ago) and I have cleared my web cache. :confused: It is still looking black in other peoples browers? :confused: … index.html

Yes, it is black.

I get the following error messages in the console:

TypeError: asm.js type error: double is not a subtype of int code.js:7:14975 TypeError: cc.sys is undefined code.js:4:18368 TypeError: data is undefined code.js:2:28201

Does it work in preview and if you don’t choose the minified option, but export as is and open it in Firefox?

It works when I test it through the program no issues there. I could export it fully without the minified version but all my previous ones needed to be minified. I wonder what those errors are :confused: hmmm

I exported it in full version form and uploaded it to my website but I still have a black screen! HELP!!! :cry: :cry:

I get this error:

index.html:33 Uncaught ReferenceError: gdjs is not defined
at index.html:33
at index.html:50
(anonymous) @ index.html:33
(anonymous) @ index.html:50

And if I try to open this file:

It says 404 not found.

Is it possible that there are some web hosting issues? If so, you can consider using or a similar website to host the game for free.

It wouldn’t be a hosting issue. I have a dozen already on the website with no issues and plenty of space. I have no idea what the errors would mean ? :frowning:

I cant seem to google what the errors mean. I get that is it something with the code on the index file? But that is automatically generated with the export isn’t it? The 404 was just because you caught it at a time when I had removed the files off the website to try and upload them again (still getting same black screen result). You shouldnt see the 404 now.

I could paste the line 4 of the code.js file but it is pretty long :frowning: I do have the section saved in a word document if it helps?

Line 37?

Line 50?

You’re right that the code is generated automatically, you don’t have to do anything about the code.

I get the same error now as you do.

It’s possibly something inside of the Gdevelop project code (I mean the game itself), or an issue with some extension. I agree it sounds really annoying to try and fix.

Just for testing, can you try exporting with Cocos2D-js and see if that makes any difference? It’s exactly the same usage, just export and upload instead of current game.

Instead of “”, includes to the engine javascript files should be present. How are you exporting your game? (what do you select in the export dialog?)

Just the same way I’ve always done it (see below). I’ve tried it with both the minify and not minify option and am still getting the same result…


Oh I see Cocos2D-js is an option in the list (was that always there or is that new?) do I need to keep the file structure when uploading the files to my website?

Hmmm exported it as Cocos2D-js and uploaded the files (keeping the Cocos2D-js file structure) it seem to have even more errors :frowning:

Try on the nightly version :

And if you disable the minify ?

Tried exporting it every way and I am still getting a black screen.

I looked at the nightlies but my comp found malware in them so no-go!

I use these night build since last year, and i’ve never got a problem with it.
You can use it safely

FINALLY SOLVED!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I spent weeks taking it apart line by line and every aspect of the game. Narrowed it to two object which at first I thought it was something to do with the image file. After a few more days of replacing the images, renaming or replacing the objects and working around their code, in the end it turned out that the game did not like the TILE and PHYSICS extensions :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: So random as I use them in other games fine. It would run find in the test mode in the software but would only give me a black screen if I uploaded the code to my website. I must have re-uploaded the game over a hundred times to test each version. A pain in the butt to rewrite it all and it just doesn’t work as nice without using these extensions but I am over it and as long as it runs I am happy!!! LOL