Help for platformer - platformer example doesn't work right.

Well, thought I’ll use BasicPlatformer.gdg as base for my game, but it doesn’t work right. Most bugs I found seems to be related to moving platforms, but I need those. Can you help me? ← here I present bugs I’ve found. Couldn’t fix them myself, though I’ve tried for two and half a day.

Any help?

Wy not use physic automatism ?

Well, for starters it makes game run very slow when there is lot of physics objects (would have to make platforms physics objects also) and second thing is that I won’t be able to make one-way platform then (not saying it’s impossible, because it’s certainly is, I just don’t have enough skill to do this in reasonable amount of events) as there is no collision groups-like system yet.

Also basic part of this example - normal platforms works good. It is moving platforms that makes trouble. And I don’t know how to fix it.

Maybe someone should make Platform automatism similar in working to Platform Movement found in TGF/MMF? That can’t be me, as I don’t know how to set up extension development on Linux and nobody helped me with this and don’t have skill for that anyway (though I have several little extension ideas that probably I’ll be able to make if I would know how to setup build environment on Linux).

Such automatism would help many people (including me).