Help. How Do You Export and Sign For Google Play ?

I made a tiny game but for the last couple days I been stuck on how to get it to google play store,
Do you export it to a folder, then zip it, upload it to PhoneGap build,
Been trying to use Android studio to make a sign thing, then upload the sign file to PhoneGap and then down load the APK file.
So now it should have the game and its been signed ?
find this way more hard then making any game, everyvideo i see use diferent software or got extra stuff etg so when i copy what they do it still dont work, kind a getting fed up with this.

so my question is, how do you export and sign and get it to google play, im really finding this hard.

Thanks in Advance

There was a problem with the online service building the apk’s in debug mode, it will be fixed for the next version it seems :slight_smile:

If 4ian fixes it you’ll be able to do the one-click export again, infinitely easier than using Android Studio and third-party software to re-sign.

Thank you, guess I need to wait for a update, any idea when ?