Help! How to open saved projects?

Hi. I created a proyect yesterday and i saved it. But today, i couldn’t find it. I’ve searched almost everywhere on my pc, and still not found it. Can someone tell me the directory in which the projects are saved?

Hi, if you’re using Windows, go to
This PC (?) > C drive > Users > Your computer account name > GDevelop projects.

That seems to be the default location for mine on Windows 8.1.
I usually move it to my Desktop and make sure I save to that folder next time I edit.

If you have a different OS or set up, another member may be able to advise :slight_smile:

This PC (?) > C drive > Windows > Users > Your computer account name > Documents > GDevelop projects.
That’s mine on a Windows 8
You can also locate your project folder by right clicking on the gdevelop icon (Once it’s pinned to your task bar) am menu would popup showing a recent list, you should be able to locate it from there.

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