Help in simulate keys

Need help. :confused:
How do I simulate the key " b" (or another key ) when "the cursor \ touch is on " object " ?

What do you want to achieve with that?:slight_smile: You want typing? When cursor touch object it type “b”? Or is that “b” is jump button and you want to simulate it when cursor touch object? If your object have platformer character behavior, there is “controls” in platformer behavior in actions and you can choose to simulate different keys, example jump key. :slight_smile:

Thanks Man!! :smiley:

Does his work on the online version of this? Because the cursor/touch shows up but the simulate key does is not on the website at all… And I am mad… I want to play my game on my tablet! Is there a way you can do the simulate key for me? I will send you the .json file and you add the simulate key for each button… and you send the .json file back?