Help/info text screen

Are there any examples regarding how to display a help/info screen with lots of text (and maybe images) that the user can scroll to read? If a game needs lots of help text, it’s not all going to fit on one screen, so having the ability for the user to scroll it manually (not automatically) would be nice.

Also, is it possible to store the help text in an external file for easier editing? Putting it a text object would be a nightmare, and putting it in an event isn’t much better…

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Regarding scrolling, take a look at the Drag camera with mouse example. The only thing you need to do is limit drag to the Y axis only and apply some limits to drag only if camera position is > 0 and < 10000 or something as fit the content.

Regarding store text externally, I’m not sure, never rally thought about this. I would think you could store in a JSON file and parse JSON file but then the file would may be not included in export and preview, the same problem like with external libs.

You may haven’t noticed but in case you edit the text of the text object and you press enter in the text field you start a new line and the text field get extended. So you can write multi line text as normal in the text object editor.

Thanks, I’ll look into the mouse drag example if/when I get to implementing this.

I know that you can add new lines to text objects, but it all has the same formatting as far as I’m aware (I.e. you can’t make one word bold; it’s either all bold or none of it’s bold).

I can’t remember if I read about this as an existing feature, or maybe just a feature request, but it’d be nice to be able to display/insert HTML files. That way we can make a HTML file with the necessary formatting, images, etc., then display that in the game. That’d be easier and much more powerful…

In that case I guess it would be more user friendly to include a more advanced text editor that support formatting and also make the text object support it so it display in-game and in-editor.
Maybe you want to make the request on Trello explaining your use case: … -read-here

I know the Trello board mention you must post the request on the forum first, but to be honest it is pointless because 99% of the time , no one care to comment and also 4ian don’t seem to be active on the forum so better to go straight to Trello imo and just leave your idea there with explaining why you need it.

But, to be honest I don’t remember when was the last time I’ve seen a proper documentation in-game with images. Now days all games comes with interactive tutorials that you can play anytime you want and if any offer written docs, it is included as a separated document normally. For example you could include the docs in HTML or PDF format with the game and open it in the default browser using the open URL event.

I’m remaking an old DOS game, and they (or at least this one) had a help page. I’d like to add images of my sprites to help explain what they do.

I like your idea about including an HTML file and just opening that in a browser instead, will consider that.

As for feature requests, I’ll post to GitHub as I already have an account there :wink:

I’m currently working on an extension that gives you access to the file system and lets you load text files.
So you could put your text into a JSON formatted file, read it and convert the JSON to a variable structure that you can access in your game. You just have to make sure to copy the text files manually into the export folder since text files are currently not supported as a resource that would get copied automatically.
I still have to write some convenience functions but I think it should be ready for the next version.

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In my opinion it would be very important to include resources automatically with the export otherwise it would not work with preview and the build service. Make it a pain to use.

I am very much interested in your extension since I have not been able to “copy the text files manually into the export folder” yet.
I have opened a new topic here : Export a separate json file with your game