Help: Loading Bars and splash screens

Hey! Congrats on an awesome piece of software!

I’ve been using GD for a while now but have never worked out how to make a ‘loading bar’ and a ‘splashscreen’ for my games.
any help would be appreciated :smiley:
P.S I’ve checked the tutorials for it and I can read some of it, but since the part of the tutorial that I need is a picture and not a text, I can’t translate it from French using google translate :slight_smile:

I suppose you’re using the native platform?
There is not really a way to create a loading bar. But you can make a splash screen: Resources are loaded when there is a scene with objects needing them. So you can create a first scene with only one object used as a splash screen: It will be loaded quite fast. Then, go to the next scene with lots of objects and the “splash screen” will remain visible during the time the game is loading the images for the next scene.

Okay cool :smiley: Cheers man

I was wishing there’s a way to do the loading bar with gamedevelop. Without it people wont know how long they will have to wait for the game to load.

Well, there is progress percentage, if we’re talking HTML5. Though I agree, better preloader should be made. Unfortunately the way I plan to do this requires not only changes to HTML5 platform (which is opensource already), but GD as well so you can set progress bar graphic (graphic of progress bar that will look like after it reaches 100%), bar position and background graphic (generally splash screen). I will also add, as a bonus feature, ability to credit GD right in the preloader, after clicking “Show appreciation for GD”, “Made with Game Develop” logo will show in preloader at specified x,y.

How do u do the progress percentage? If i can do that then the loading bar shouldn’t be a problem. I mean with the progress percentage all i will have to do is to use the events to change some images as the percentage changes.