Help me debugging my HP bar

I’m using Tiled Sprite to make HP Bar for my game. However it doesn’t like changing its width during playback and only shows it once (most likely before scene is ever shown - confirmed by adding timer that is reset at start of scene and then after 10 seconds it should update to correct width, but it doesn’t). Please help me fix it because I don’t know how to get it properly.

Event that sets width of bar is event no. 10. HP is detracted for sure, confirmed by showing value in text object (event 11).

I didn’t get what you meant in these sentence?

Check the value of HPDragon. If it is equal to 0 ( or even less than 0 ), the bar won’t be displayed properly as you’re making its width depend on this variable.

By ‘detracted’ I meant it is decreasing.

And it doesn’t change width at all, even if it is greater than 0.

4ian, I’ll send you project file. It may be bug in GD, I dunno.

Ok, I’ll look at it.

Fixed, it was a bug in the rendering library used by GD. :slight_smile:

Thanks! While I have project to work on now (EGA-styled platformer), I’d appreciate quick fix so I could finally end this HTML5 project. It is almost finished, but I want to have it behind myself as fast as I can.

New version should come in a few days, I’ll send you the file to fix it otherwise.