Help me please with my game

I want to make a clicker using two variables, example: money=0,click=1, event: money(0) + click=money(1), money(1) + click = money(2) do you know how to do this? I just can’t do it. send a screenshot with the code

what you are asking for is very basic and if you have no idea how to implement that you will have a hard time with other parts of your game. I would recommend to make one or two of the tutorials GDevelop 5 tutorials - GDevelop documentation, even if they are not the genre you are interested in. After finishing the tutorials you will have a basic understanding of how to use variables, add a value etc. There is also a short clicker-game tutorial and you will find more at youtube if you search for ‘Gdevelop clicker game’.

Here is a very basic example using only one variable, each click adds 1 to the scene variable money:

how do I do this with two global variables? Because I tried to do it but it didn’t work. even adding 1 doesn’t work in this screenshot

Your events should work. How do you know whether the variables changed?
If I do this, everything work fine:

I am just displaying the value of the click variable in a text field.

how to make a +=? i dont find it

It’s the same like add 1. It is just written like this in my events. Which version of Gdevelop are you using?

Probably the last one

Well, I guess this is also not really the problem. I would just make a test scene and two text fields to display the value of the variables.

is it possible to change versions in the web version? If so, tell me your

Ah okay. I don’t use the web version and I have no idea if it is possible to change anything there. But aside from the way how the events are written, they should just work.

It’s the same as your “add”. You can change the way the operators are presented in file->preferences:

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