Hello! I’m new to game dev, and this is my first game created with GDevelop. While I’ve managed to get my game to function as intended, kind of, there are several areas where it can and should be improved. So if any more experienced game dev could help me optimize it.
Here’s a link to the game: game build

The game operates akin to a capture-the-flag format. Each player controls three avatars that they must maneuver to a specific objective on their opponent’s field (wasd and arrows). If your opponent intercepts Avatar A while it’s on their side, you switch control to Avatar B, and Avatar A is reset to its starting position. and so on for each avatar and player. The first player to successfully navigate all three avatars to their objective wins.

Anyway, these are one issues I can’t seem to find a solution to:

  1. The intended “death” animation (named “HURT”) fails to trigger when an avatar is caught and sent back to its starting point.
  2. I’ve resorted to using multiple “wait X seconds” events to allow the “HURT” and “WAKE_UP” animations to play fully before transitioning back to their idle state animations. However, this makes the game seem lagged. I wanted to know if there’s a better way to achieve this.

Here’s the code of a single avatar for reference

There’s probably more places where it can be polished but those are the major issues


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