Help music on touchscreen

Hi,i’ve just finished my first game,but i ‘ve a big problem with music.
Everything is ok on the gdevelop5 preview,but when i create a external link and try game on my phone, the same music start two/three times overlapping.
Thank you in advance!

What are the events that kick off the music?

I don’t know.
There’re 3 song (intro,game and gameover).
In the preview everything is good and works!

when i export to pc the first song (intro) disappear

On phone the first song (intro)remain always and restart at the beginnig in all of the 3 scenes and overlaps with the others songs.
I’ve checked command strings and seems good.
Why everything works in the preview and doesn’t works when i export the game?

I meant the game events, not the events you do that lead up to it.

Does it do the same when you start the game in network preview debug mode, and play it on your phone that way?


Thanks for your answer.
Yes there are the same problems when i start the network preview.

I’ve modified Run Dino Run example mode.
Thank you!

I’ve just try to export Run Dino Run (original) at the network previews and there are the same problems!
So is a problem about Run Dino Run?how i can fix?