Help my animation is stuck on frame 0

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get an animation to play

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the animation to play
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the animation to play

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it not playing
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I don’t know that’s why I’m asking for help

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You’ll need to loop the walking/running animation or have a set of conditions/events that test check to see if the last frame has been reached and then replays the animation if the player is moving. Another big problem is that if the horizontal speed is 2000 the condition that player is moving is still true, so GDevelop is trying to switch between two animations (walk and run), this could also lead to the problem of the frame getting stuck.

MrMen describes this animation flipping phenomena here Animation not working on diagonals - #2 by MrMen

it is looped it was always


Then the issue has to do with the walk/run animations being activated simultaneously.

then how do I fix it i’
m just i bit emotional today

You could add a second condition (in the same event block) under the “sprite is moving” condition that checks if the current horizontal speed is less than 2000. This way when the speed reaches 2000, the walk animation is no longer played and the run animation can be played without interference.

that dose not change the fact that the animation wont play

Can you post a screenshot of the walk animations and another screenshot of the updated events sections? Another thing I should have mentioned, you should use the “trigger once while true” condition when changing the animations.

nope sorry i accidentally put falling speed

thx for the help

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