Help! my menu buttons do not work....

Hello everyone I am new to this, I already practice with some examples of games and modify them, now I want to make a start menu but it does not work … I followed the example of program buttons but it does not work, everything is static and I do not know activate the animations of the objects, I did everything equal to the example but it does not work, by modifying the example with my button images if it works but I do not know why it works and in a new project it does not work … someone explain to me please

It looks fine, if the same code works in the example but not in your game then search for differences outside the code.

  • Is your object name “Button” ?
  • Does the Button object has animations 0, 1 and 2 ?
  • Do you have a scene called “More buttons” different than the current one ?

thanks for responding so fast, and yes, I have done everything exactly the same, but it still does not work, the only solution I have found is to work on my project from the sample template, but it is a pity not to know why something as simple as a button, no longer say something more complex …

Share your project here (all project files, zipped).

I’ll look what’s wrong, fix it and explain to you what’s happening.