HELP! My "Player" is suddenly floating into the sky!

I’m new and been having a great time learning while building a platform game.
I was adding an enemy to the platform game. When I went to test, suddenly my “player” is floating into the ‘sky’!
I have no idea why! :open_mouth: :confused: :cry:
Please help! I’ve been days building this and I am stumped.
Thank you.


We will need more details, screenshots of the events or sources to understand what is happening.

Thank you for your help!

Maybe player collision mask is too big? Change the bottom of the collision mask just under the feet of player :slight_smile:
If that start happening after you add enemy, I have to check that out when I am on pc. (Using phone now).

The event with the “Player is falling” condition is the culprit. Each frame the player object is in the air the jump button is pressed (simulate pressing the jump key for player), adding the jump force to the player continuously.

Specifically, the second “Player is falling” event. :wink:

It’s asking for trouble to have more than one event with the same condition like this.

I tore it all back apart and fixed it.
Thanks for your help.