Help, Need performance tips using GD4

I love GD4 for its flexibility to make any game you ever dream. For a beginner like me who has no or minor programming skill it was awesome !. I have made a game which is complex enough (using variable, some scene and much object).

And now I am facing performance issue . I have export it using web export then continue to develop it using Intel XDK (i use blank HTML+Cordova template). When the apk has been made i try to install it on my android device. Unfortunately, on some case the game crash (shutdown automatically).

My question regardless performance :

  1. Is it better to delete object on prev scene before move to next scene ?
  2. I am using Text Object that show dynamic text content when a action occured, shoul i remove it ?
  3. I am using average three object (each have one or more variables) on each scene, should i limit the use of variables ?

GDevelop provides its own preset Intel XDK project with the exported game if you select this option when exporting the HTML5 game. You should use this one instead of a blank project.

No, it’s useless as GDevelop already removes the object’s instances when changing scene.

No, why ?

No, that’s not a lot and GDevelop is capable of handling far more than this.

You should share your code (or the parts that are problematics) because you might have done something wrong if you get big performances issues. For the crashes on Android, I think it’s more related to the Intel XDK than GDevelop (if it crashes only when packaged and not in HTML5 in your computer webbrowser).

My game also slows down during development in G-develop. Now I have improved the performance by reducing loops and using the hash function data structure in javascript.

Also I also improved the performance by repeating the drawing actions again and again where necessary to reduce the lagging