Help needed with Basic Network Example

I’m trying to test what I can do in terms of multiplayer games. I tried to use the Basic Network Example for this which comes bundled with GDevelop.
The problem I’m having is that when I compile the game to an executable and launch it twice (like the comments in the event screen told me), the winged creature will stay at the position (0,0) on the screen of the green creature while the green creature moves on both screens.
I tried to search on the forum and change the port and IP but I didn’t have any luck.
Somehow when I launch the executable and preview at the same time the game will work flawlessly on both sides.
Does somebody have an idea on how to fix this issue?

I have just tested and it works on my side. If you run it twice on the same computer, do not enter any IP address just leave it blank and press OK.

Thank you, leaving the IP blank did the trick.
Today I tried it again with the IP (like the comments said in the event screen) and somehow it worked.
I guess my computer just needed a restart or something like that.
Anyway, thanks again. :smiley:

You’ll need confirmation, but if i remember correctly, this extension will not be maintained anymore in the future for your information.

Did 4ian mentioned anything, anywhere?
The only thing I have noticed is the “deprecated” next to the extension which actually means the feature is old and outdated but it is not necessarily means it is abandoned and never going to be updated, replaced ever.
If the current libs used for networking may not going to be maintained anymore It may going to be replaced with something new. It would be a huge mistake to let networking feature become obsolete and even loose compatibility.