Help! Object wont collide, they just go through?

So. I created my wonderful program and all was working perfectly until I moved my character and realized that all my objects were accidentally created as ‘platformer objects’ and move too :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So I deleted that behaviour off the objects. But now my objects will not do the actions I have set anymore!!! They dont even collide. They just go right through the ground! (ground is set as a platform in case that is relevent info?). I just want the balls to fall, bounce for a second or two and then disappear.

Please help!

That’s because the Platform and Platformer behaviors just stops the objects before they really collides to the point of the view of the “collision” condition.

Yeah, that makes some tricky tricks harder to achieve…

So… how do I get regular objects to interact?

But, does the ball have the “platformer” behavior or not ?

No I took the platformer behaviour off. I don’t want the balls following my keyboard. I just want the player character to move with the keyboard. I just want the balls to fall and bounce. I’m sure the interaction is simple but I can’t seem to figure it out…

If the ball has not the platformer behavior, then the action “Simulate pressing Jump key for MBall” has no effect and the ball will no interact with the platform at all, that is why it pass through the platform :slight_smile:

To make it bounce, as I see you are using the physics autom… behavior :smiley: you can set the platform as a static physic object, and set a high elasticity to the ball, for example 0.7 .

Ah, thank you. Yeah I was so excited to see it all work until I realised I had set all the objects as players hahaa. So once that was taken off I couldn’t simulate it just with ‘jump’. Did manage to figure it all out the long route (as suggested by you above. Thanks :slight_smile: