Help on making combo attacks with platform movement

I need help on making a 3 combo attacks and finish the animation too… I tried to use variable but if I put movement it will not work anymore… and how do i put delay between attacks

Anything about delay should be solved by the timer actions and conditions.

Thank u but how do i make combo attacks with movement and animation…i kinda always make it wrong…so it messed up my mind it’s hard for me to get it done

For changing animation, each combo of the attack will be a different animation number.
Then, if your attack animation is frame by frame like Street Fighter, you can add sub-events to check for animation number, and the frames of the animation.
For example, let’s assume Animation #0 of your character is the idle animation, #1 is first hit of the combo, #2 is second hit, and so on… (You can also name your animation such as “AttackCombo1”)
Let’s also assume animation #1 and #2 has 3 frames.
Create an event with condition to check if attack button is pressed, and put Trigger Once. Then, create sub event to check if the player’s animation number is 0 (idle animation), and if it is true, switch the animation number to 1 (AttackCombo1).
Create another event below the sub event above with condition to check animation number is 1 (AttackCombo1) and check if the current frame of animation is higher than 0, then if that is true, make an action to change player animation number to 2 (AttackCombo2).

We check the current frame of animation because usually combo attack continue near end of the animation. It must not be the 0th frame (first frame, actually) because due to logic error the combo would skip to the final attack instead.

Here’s some illustration of how the event order would look like:

Event - check attack button pressed, Trigger Once
   -- > Sub Event - check if animation number = 0
   -- > Sub Event - check if animation number = 1 AND current animation frame > 0

Alternatively, you can also use Object timer rather than checking the current frame animation.
You may also want to duplicate the last frame of a combo attack so that it doesn’t end too quickly.
Hopefully that helps.