Help: player keeps falling through platform

I’m new to game making ,and I have made my first game in gDevelop a simple endless runner game, and a week ago when I finished it, it worked all fine, so I saved it and left it as it was. Now about a week later I opened it again I did a test run if everything would work, and it did, but after a few sec after opening the game the player falls through the platform he is standing on. I didn’t touch the controls before this happenend so the player was standing still.
I made this game with the endless runner tutorial on g Develop Wiki and I have checked twice if everything was right.
Can anyone help me, it’s for an school project and I don’t understand it because I am new to game making.

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I assume you mean this tutorial: A Beginner's Tutorial to an Endless Runner Game [GDevelop wiki]
I’ve never tried it, but if the player uses the PlatformerObject behaviour and the platforms use Platform behaviour, I’m not sure how they could fall if the game has not started/platforms not moving. Or, do the platforms start moving beginning of scene?
Still, can you send screenshot of your Events sheet? You can use Snipping Tool.

there is one more event but that event changes the scene to the opening scene with backspace

those events don’t seem to affect the platform, and I assume NewObject is your platform object?
It seems to be moving only if state is = 1, and that’s what it should do.
What happens if you press Enter to play and play normally?
Are NewObject still Platform type behaviour and are the same object?

Other than that, either I’d have to look through that tutorial (tomorrow), or someone knowledgeable can help with it. A quick glance through the page really seems fine so far to me.
(Which means you might be on your own to revise…)

it’s correct that NewObject the platform is, and if you start playing before he falls nothing happens and it works normally
NewObject has platform behaviour( i don’t understand what you mean with the same object)
but I really want to thank you for the quick reply.

you’re very welcome!
thought of some more things, before I go sleep (should’ve done so an hour ago):
something wrong with ninjaman animation 0? is it invisible sprite/no sprite? or the collision box in that animation is different.
also, in your game over condition, try setting the Y condition to be something like “The Y position of ninjaman > 550”, because -550 means “550 pixels above game screen” (might not be related to this issue specifically)
good luck!

thank you I am going to take a look at that, and good night!

Haven’t found a solution, but I have made the game again and used the tips. Now it works properly. If anyone does know the solution please say it than I can keep that in mind so I don’t make the same mistake again :smile:

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I had the same problem on a project I am currently working , everything worked fine and suddenly if the character didn’t move he just fall from the platform,
So I check a previous version I had and found this,
On player behavior changed this


To this


It solve the problem, player does not fall again.

Hope it helps for any future references.

i have the same problem to, and i tried to enable the “can grab platform ledges” and i already had the “default controls” on as @deevei showed. but i didnt work with or without the settings. i also have another problem with 1 of my animations where it glitches and gets placed out of the object range where it i suppose do be. thats a problem that i need help with to, if you cant help with the “go though ground” problem.

The problem is that your character has different collision masks during the animation.

Either the platform or your character has a collision mask that changes with the animation.

Make your collision masks uniform through every animation.

That’s the fix

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Hi, ive faced the same problem and i fixed it by keeping the collision masks uniform at where the feet should be, but do you know why having irregular collision masks makes the platformer object to just fall through the platform? My collision masks were just a few pixels different when it happened and it should be miniscule enough to still be able to stand on the platform?