Help puzzle game

Hi guys i wanted to create a puzzle style game where you attack the pictures and complete the level a simple thing.

I attach a short video :

On the forum I could not find anything as examples is complicated as a code to implement?

As always, instead of answering the requirements, I would like to ask you in a small example, because I do a great job of understanding the steps to be taken.
Thank you in advance for the answers.

An example is usually better than an explanation, but you have to think that not everybody has the time to make an example for each request, that would be awesome! :smiley:
Anyway here is an example, enjoy :slight_smile: (38 KB)

Wow thanks a thousand.

Hello, i already tested it in gd5. Nothing happen if u drag the piece near target location . :confused: :confused:
I hope u can fix it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s how it is set up to work. You have to “let go” of the piece before it will lock into place. If you want it to jump into place while you are dragging it then go into the “Piece is being dragged” condition and switch off the “Invert condition” option.

if i’m using gd4, all fine. But, when using gd5 after convert to .json . The piece don’t attach to the target. :confused: :confused:

I see, there is a small bug in the web platform, I’ve fixed it here:
So it will work for the next GD5 version! :smiley:

Thanks !! It worked. :sunglasses: :smiley: But before you release new version, i hope u can checking the drag’s function. When the piece overlapping the piece, it dragging together . And I’m tested it on “responsive design mode”'s browser but without “responsive design mode” all seem fine. :smiley: :smiley:

When there are overlapping pieces, they are being dragged together?, I can’t reproduce it…

i’m made some demo :stuck_out_tongue:

I should try with a phone, maybe the touch controls behave different than the mouse clicks, then I will check the code, thanks for the info!