Help - Scene Gone All Laggy but others work fine with same

This my first game I made, and just before I think I finished, I found scene gone really laggy. just a simple game enemy goes to x spot and player runs into them to kill them. ofc I add couple things to make it look like a game and learn how to use some of the stuff in Gevelop like sound, health bar, next scene., score, events etc etc

Been saving on the way but at some point near the end I seem to saved a laggy scene, so… I tryd
rearranging the events
other scenes work fine
other scene can use the copy paste code and work fine
i try deleting everything off the laggy scene, other then the player-enemy-xspot- and still very very laggy. even tho only 3 things on the map
like to think my computer powerful and did not have this problem last night.

Now i dont know what to do other then start all over gain and copy and paste it all to a new game. need sleep so i post a post here for any tips on how i can make my scene un laggy if need be i can post screen shots or video. thanks for any replys this all new to me lol

What happens if you export the game with that scene being the first scene? Is it lag? Could you share a link to it so we can try that scene and confirm the lag?
Also could you share a screenshot of the events you are using in that scene?

I found the problem, when I copy and past my sprite off camera, and the AI pulling them in. found I only can place them so far out off screen before it lags the game. so I spawn them closer and set up a AI spawntimer so I wont have so many off screen.