Help setting up incremental/idle game

Hey! I couldn’t resist myself anymore making a game, and I decided to start up with Gdevelop.

Couldn’t find any tutorials with idle/incremental games and Gdevelop, so I’m asking here…

Would need help setting up idle game with very simple UI, basic timer and few different resources just to start, and I’m pretty sure I could continue from there!


idk what you mean by “idle/incremental” games, but basically just follow the tutorial one the wiki, all the concepts are explained : timers, basic UI, etc. You can find also some examples directly in gdevelop.

I doubt you can find the tutorials the program is not updated the tutorials are all old.
Old as examples already precompiled within the program …

However it is not said that it is a bad thing because almost everyone works.

However, since we’re in theme guides I’ll take you a little playlist that maybe can get you comfortable:

It’s all I’ve been able to find: … nsMVArLoyu

Here you can find examples to download: For Beginners: GD Examples

The basic thing is to check the wiki where you can find all the examples :

Here’s an example project of one Gdevelop Idle Game Example by ninjarunner