Help Setting Up Instances [SOLVED]

I’m running into a bit of a snag.

I am trying to figure out how to have different instances for the same object move independently of each other.

Objects: _ball & _hingedWall

The scene has multiple instances of _hingedWall.

Each time the_-ball collides with an instance of _ hingedWall only that instance should move Independently of the others in the scene. While the others stay still. Then when the _ball collides with a Next instance of _hingedWall, only the Next instance should move independently of the rest and so on.

If you use the condition “_ball in collision with _hingedWall”, then any _hingedWall you reference in the actions or any subevent of that event will only act on the _hingedWall involved in the collision.

However, if you then have another event, a sibling to the one previous, and reference the _hingedWall, it will act on all the _hingedWalls.

In the image below, events 1 & 2 will only act on the_hingedWall that collided with the ball.
Event 3 uses a new set, which is the list of all high _hingedWalls with angles bigger than 5 degree,

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Thank you.

I was overthinking it again