[HELP] [SOLVED] Show a letter by a number

Hi all, sorry for my english, i’m making a game for kids of popping balloons.
But i have a sprite (balloon) with all letters A-Z (25 frames), and i want to show the letter that the player have to click. On Tutorials for web i have to write the code.

String.fromCharCode((randomicnumber+64)) //64 is for the ascii table.

But it isn’t working anyone can help me??

I believe String.fromCharCode() is not an expression that GDevelop know, try FromCodePoint() instead.
Also When you work with variables in expressions, you need to use variable expressions:




So instead of String.fromCharCode(randomicnumber + 65) I recommend

 FromCodePoint(Variable(randomicnumber) + 65)

Actually you can just put Random(25) + 65 in to randomicnumber.

Also, I’m not sure if you are aware of that but in case you are generating a random number at the beginning of the scene, it is going to be generated only a single time during the game. In case you want to generate a different random number / character multiple times during the game you may better off using a timer instead or something…

Thanks DDABRAHIN was this and worked on my project.