Help! Sound clip is echoing and overlapping

New to game making and in a class, deadline tonight! I’m using the same sound file in 2 separate instances. The first instance sounds all echoey and seems to overlap itself but the second instance on a different object sounds just fine - yet they are the exact same file.

The echoey means you play the music over and over again. Remember to add a trigger once to the event that starts the music.

I so much appreciate your advise. the first sound is in the events the same way as the second sound. Where would find info on set the trigger - I have been through most if not all the basic tutorials. here is a screen shot of the events

Ok, NVM…I just typed in trigger and found the “trigger once while true” and that helps! thank you.
but I still notice that each time the leprechaun (sprite) touched the shamrock it starts playing the clip so I couldn’t have the sprite jump or it will hit it going up and going down. any suggestions?