Help spawning enemies

I need help spawning enemies, i am able to spawn them randomly away from the player but only between 4 and 6 of them spawn every time i preview the game

Maybe you could try the condition “Repeat X times” along with the events that create the cats?

I tried this if this is what you meant but it still only spawned 6 enemies

If you change repeat 1 times to repeat 2 times what happens?

it only spawns 11 now

Is there an amount of enemies you are trying to spawn or are you wanting them to spawn continuously?

im just trying to get them to spawn every second

What is the purpose of “spawnvariable”? Is it limiting the events in some way?

I think the timer “spawntime” is not necessary, since “spawndelay” is reset every time the actions run.

Unless spawnvariable is set to limit the execution of these events I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work… but I am far from an expert, there could be something I’m not seeing…

spawnvariable was just a different method i used for spawning them but it still doesnt work without it, ill send you all the code linked to this

heres the other code

The timer “spawntime” i think is interfering with the spawning. I’m not sure what it’s purpose is other than maybe you want to delay the spawning right at the beginning of the scene before you start spawning one every second, right?
In that case try putting a Trigger Once condition after that.

YES!!! That’s what was stopping them. thanks so much for the help!!

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