Help to fix some bug

My game has some bug.I am posting my template .It will be helpful if you fix the bug and add comment how did you fix those.


Problems & Bugs
#1 Pause buttone is not working
#2 Game over scene button is not working
#3 Level selection Scene is not working after completing any Level

EX:My game is working properly on preview.This problems are based on apk.


I had little time to look at it. What you are sure to replace everywhere:




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It was helpful. But can you modify my template and add comment and send it to me …Please it will be very kind for me

Hey can you gess why the buttons are not working of game over scene ? In android


The game file: Gdevelop - Google Drive

After install, at the first launch pause and gameover did not go. but it worked for a second time. interesting
Unfortunately I did not have time to comment, but what I have changed is simple. There is a 2 month old baby at home, so my time is limited :smile:

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Thanks a lot .It was more than enough . You saved me. And well wishes for your baby.:slight_smile:

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That’s super! Thank you!